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  • What sets you apart from other car washes I’ve been to in the past?
    We recently renovated our Pearl location and have all new, state of the art equipment. Our car washes are always clean, neat and well maintained.
  • Do you have a wash club?
    Yes, we have 3 wash clubs that can be purchased through our App: VIP Club: Any of the top three wash packages for $33/month, only limitation is 1 wash per day Basic Wash Club: Basic wash package for $20/month, only limitation is 1 wash per day Self Serve Wash Club: $9 worth of wash time in a self serve bay, only limitation is 1 wash per day.
  • What are your hours for the Self Serve Wash? Automatic wash? Dog wash?
    The automatic and self serve wash bays are open 24 hours per day. The dog wash is open from 6:30am – 8:30pm.
  • Do you have any way to clean my car’s interior?
    We have vacuums at both locations and a vacuum with shampoo and spot remover at the Pearl location. We also have items for sale in our vending machines that include, ArmorAll wipes, wet towels and disposable chamois. Additionally, there are mat holders in each self serve bay for convenient cleaning of floor mats.
  • How do I pay for my car wash?
    We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express at the automatic and self serve bays. Cash (up to a $20 bill) and coins are accepted in the automatic bays and coins are accepted in the self serve bays and vacuums. For convenience, there is a bill changer on site. Payment may also be made through our App for all services at the Pearl location.
  • Do you treat your water?
    Yes, we employ both a water softener and a reverse osmosis system (RO system) to soften the water and remove contaminants and particles that can harm your vehicle.
  • How often should I wash my car?
    How often you wash your car could depend on where you live and where you drive. Roads treated with magnesium chloride, dirt roads and salted streets might make it necessary to wash your vehicle more frequently than driving on dry roads. In general, you should aim at washing your car once a week - every other week at least - to adequately maintain the body and protect the paint.
  • Can’t I just wash my car at home?
    What about just washing your car yourself in the driveway? Isn’t that an inexpensive option for cleaning your car? Sure. But inexpensive does not mean satisfactory, or thorough, or even safe for your car. Common do-it-yourself tactics like washing with dish soap, using too little water, working in direct sunlight, or other poor approaches can each cause more harm than good. The truth is, if you use the wrong products, you can do damage to your paint. And the right products (not to mention tools and equipment) can be quite costly. If you combine the lack of suitable materials with a lack of experience, the result can be far less than fulfilling.
  • Can I pay through the app?
    Yes, once you have set up an account in the app and have added your form of payment you can pay for services at our Pearl location through the App. You can pay for services though the One-Time Purchases option or by using the App Wallet.
  • Is there a benefit to using the App Wallet?
    Yes, you will receive bonus money by loading the App Wallet. The amount of the bonus for each amount loaded is: $100 + $15 bonus $50 + $5 bonus
  • Do you offer any promotions or discounts through the app?
    Yes, we periodically will run promotions and contests and offer discounts through the App.
  • What types of chemicals do you use in the Automatic Wash?
    We use the Comtec line of carwash chemicals (soap) that were engineered to clean away the harsh road applications and thick grime from vehicles in the Rocky Mountain region. This includes Comtec Shield/Guard on the top wash package, which is a polymer body protectant applied to the total surface of the vehicle in addition to the underbody. This combination of chemicals, water temperature and water pressure make this the most effective touchless car wash in Northglenn and the surrounding area.
  • What types of vehicles can go through our automatic car washes?
    Most cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs can go through our automatic car washes.
  • Can I take my pickup truck through the car wash?
    Yes. Your pickup truck is fine to go through the car wash if the bed is empty. For larger pickup trucks, just fold your side mirrors in. Most dual-wheeled vehicles are accepted.
  • Are my car’s accessories safe to go through the car wash?
    Aftermarket accessories, such as bug shields, may go through an automatic wash unharmed. But they are not guaranteed. Damage could occur, especially if the component was previously damaged or compromised by stress cracks around the mounting points or rock chips. A car wash will not damage a trailer hitch, but the hitch could prevent the wash equipment from working as effectively as it should around that area. Any hitch plug left in place could be damaged or come loose in the wash. Any vehicles with after-market equipment such as ladder racks, winces, KC lights, bike racks, rooftop carriers and large spoilers must use the Non-Contouring BASIC WASH at our Pearl location.
  • What is the difference between a Touch Free car wash and a Friction car wash?
    Automatic car washes employ different types of technology to clean your car. Touch free or touchless car washes do not come in contact with your car at all, but rather rely on high pressure blasts of water and strong chemicals. Cloth car washes use spinning cloth bristles and friction to remove dirt and debris from the surface of your car. While these cloths are far better than the abrasive brushes of older car washes that tended to scratch the paint, they still come in contact with your vehicle and therefore there is a likelihood of damage.
  • What kind of equipment do you use and is it up to date?
    Our automatic car washes at our Pearl location are the Karcher Opti8000, the gold standard of modern touchless automatic car washes worldwide. The Opti will contour your car using high pressure to achieve the most effective cleaning possible. This equipment along with the Comtec line of chemicals and the spot free rinse/RO system make this the best touchless car wash around.
  • What is a spot free rinse?
    To get a spot free rinse we utilize a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. The RO system will remove Total Dissolved Solids, or TDS. TDS can include a number of minerals and metals, such as calcium, aluminum, sodium, magnesium, nitrates, phosphates and others. If TDS are present in the rinse used during a car wash, they tend to leave behind unsightly and hard-to-remove spots after they evaporate. Our spot free rinse prevents spots on your car, but if you already have spots, it’s important to remove them as quickly as possible. Leaving TDS spots on your car can lead the minerals and metals to bond to the vehicle’s exterior, causing damage to the vehicle’s surface. At the very least, these minerals and metals can cause your car to appear lackluster. With our equipment, RO system, and chemicals, your car will shine and with our spot free rinse your car will dry spot free every time.
  • Does your wash clean the undercarriage?
    Yes, there is a high pressure undercarriage spray as you enter the wash. When the Premier Plus wash is selected, the undercarriage spray includes Comtec Shield.
  • Is the Self Serve wash easy to operate?
    Yes, step by step instructions are posted in each self serve bay.
  • For Self Serve wash, what are my options and tools available?"
    At the Pearl location, the self serve bays include: Mag Remover/Bug Remover Tire-Engine Cleaner Presoak High Pressure Wash Multi-Color Foam Brush High Pressure Rinse Multi-Color Clear Coat Conditioner High Pressure Wax Spot Free Rinse Air Dry Both locations include floor mat hangers to conveniently wash floor mats.
  • What kinds of chemicals are used in the Self Serve wash?
    We use the Comtec line of car wash chemicals (soap) that were engineered to work together to clean away the harsh road applications and thick grime from vehicles in the Rocky Mountain region. This combination of chemicals, water temperature and water pressure make this the most effective self serve car wash in Northglenn and the surrounding area.
  • How often are the Self Serve washes cleaned?
    All of the bays are cleaned multiple times per day depending on usage.
  • If I have an issue using the Self Serve wash, what should I do?"
    Call 303-909-3445 or ask an attendant on site for help.
  • How much does the dog wash cost?
    The cost is $10 for 10 min and you can add extra time in increments of 2, 4 or 6 minutes.
  • How does the dog wash work?
    The iClean Dog Wash is a self serve dog wash. You simply put your dog in the washtub, pay and activate the machine and select the cycle. Shampoo, condition, fleawash, & rinse (not necessarily in that order) are included in the cost, and you can even blow dry if you like.
  • Do you provide dog shampoo as part of the cost of the dog wash?
    Yes, we provide iClean Dog Wash brand shampoo, conditioner, and flea/tick treatment at the dog wash station.
  • Can I bring my own dog shampoo?
    Yes, you can use your own dog shampoo and products if you choose or you can use the products included with the wash.
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